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Dubai is an exquisite hand-made Arabian jewel centered on finely woven fabric. Each hotel, an individual gem, expertly positioned, cut and polished to bring out the awe-inspiring beauty of an area which presents a predominantly modern face while being home to an ancient culture deeply rooted in the Islamic traditions of Arabia.

Dubai has an ever changing skyline of new development, from striking glass and concrete towers to gracious modern buildings incorporating traditional Arabian architectural motifs and features. This dazzling array of Palaces, luxury hotels, magnificent resorts, is characterized by a unique concept of elegance, decor and style that reflect the beauty and splendid heritage of the Emirates. Each of our luxurious hotels offers a superb standard of accommodation, facilities and service.

Courtesy and hospitality are among the most highly prized virtues in the Arab world, and visitors will be charmed by the warmth and friendliness of the people. Our group of fine hotels is dedicated to providing you impeccable service, enabling you to unwind and marvel at the varied canvas of the landscape: ruggedly majestic mountains, awe-inspiring sand dunes, crystal sand beaches and lush garden parks.

Hotels United Arab Emirates

Dubai is a vision of opulence on a grand scale presenting deluxe hotels and glamorous boutique hotels tailored to cater for business or leisure travelers, offering relaxation and an up-market lifestyle.  This is enhanced by a splendid selection of sophisticated shopping complexes, gourmet restaurants and snow white shores.

Conferences United Arab Emirates

Our determination to achieve the best possible result for every conference or event, coupled with our integrity, has won the respect of our suppliers worldwide.  We are a certified Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and our multilingual Management Team consists of highly skilled and motivated professionals who have the knowledge and efficiency to make your conference or event an unparalleled experience.

Whether you are planning a social event or an international conference, with nearly 40 years of experience we guarantee success. Professionalism, top quality service and international standards of operation are our company’s philosophy. The Emirates incorporate a wide variety of scenery within a small geographical area, as such Dubai offers a kaleidoscope of attractions for its visitors. Holding your conference in this majestic land gives you and your company a diverse backdrop where getting the job done can lead to a well deserved rest.

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